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About Outlaw Boerboels

We are Jesse and Jamie...

In 2006, on a mission trip to South Africa, Jesse had his first experience with boerboels. 

Each family farm had one or more of these magnificent protectors and he became enamored with the breed.

Our first boerboel pup, Black Iron Tucker, was the beginning of what will be a lifetime of love for this South African Mastiff breed.  We had no idea just how amazing these dogs are!

Our idea for Outlaw Boerboels began on our drive home from picking up our second beautiful boerboel, Barbarian Athena. 


We live in the Columbia Basin where there is a plethora of sand, sagebrush and tumbleweeds looking very much like the untamed, wild west.  That coupled with our names, Jesse and Jamie (most call me James for short) and our personalities...what could better describe us than outlaws?! 

So, Outlaw Boerboels we became.

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