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Barbarian Athena

Born on June 26, 2018

Blitzkrieg Dexter George x Klein Sandfontein Smoochi

Athena is the first of our girls, our foundation lady.  We were

proud that she scored a 92.9% on the linear system at the

Boerboel Expo in 2019 winning Dog of the Day and Grand Champion Female.

"Thena" has produced some beautiful pups and we could not

part with several of them!  She continues to be a silly girl that

loves attention and will remind us with a nudge or a glance if

our hand stops petting her!

Outlaw Annie Oakley

Born on November 18, 2019

Black Iron Tucker x Barbarian Athena

Little miss Annie Oakey is one our first pups we whelped. 

She has grown into a beautiful lady that scored a 88% on the

linear system this last spring in Battleground, WA.

"Annie Bananie" is at her happiest when she is right beside us and we are loving her up!  I think Annie gets a kick out of always 

thwarting our photography sessions...this girl is almost

impossible to get a good picture of!

We are very excited to see what this beauty is going

to produce!


Outlaw Great Gatsby

Born on November 18, 2019

Black Iron Tucker x Barbarian Athena

Our sweet Great Gatsby is a litter mate to Annie.  She was

also appraised in Battleground, WA in spring 2021 and

received a score of 91.5%.  We are very proud of how she is developing.

"Gats" is a high energy girl who is always looking for a

job to do.  She is a happy girl who will 'dance' all over our

feet while she waits impatiently for us. 

Gatsby is going to make some special pups!


Mae Bulleit Bourbon

Born on July 16, 2020

Black Iron Tucker x Mae Ivar the Boneless

Miss Mae Bulleit has to be one of the most loving girls!  She

has been a beautiful addition to our program. 

Bulleit is AKC registered.

"Miss Mae" never ceases to amaze us with her stunning

muscle, strong topline and tight feet.  She is very athletic

and moves like a dream!

We are very excited to watch this litter of babies beautifully develop and have several pups still available!

Barbarian Valkyrie

Born on June 26, 2020

Barbarian Fury x Barbarian Blondie

Valkyrie is such a dolly!  She has the sweetest face that just

draws us in.  Valkyrie was 11 months old when she appraised in Battleground, WA in spring 2021 and received an 81%. 

She has certainly grown a lot since then!

Valkyrie blows us away with her beautiful pigment and

the astounding amount of ripped muscle she comes by naturally.  "Valk" is always looking for her next adventure and loves to

have a buddy with her!